Community Support

The creation of all our products center around our love for community, from the design concepts to our commitment to share profits with various organizations doing work to educate, liberate and support our most marginalized communities.

Association of Ramaytush Ohlone, Yunakin Land Tax

TheYunakin Land Tax is a financial contribution made by residents who live along the San Francisco Peninsula in San Francisco County, in San Mateo County, and the portion of Santa Clara County northwest from Cupertino. You can make a one time or recurring contribution. Yunakin is the Ramaytush word for village. It is used here to convey our commonality as a community of people who live and work together in the ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone peoples.

Your contributions support,

  • the rematriation of our ancestral homeland
  • the revitalization of our sacred traditions
  • research, consultation, and education
  • ecological restoration
  • community service, including our community gardens program​
  • arts and cultures projects

Casa De Apoyo

Casa De Apoyo: The Latino Task Force’s Excelsior Resource Hub through partnerships with Excelsior Works!, Bay Area Community Resources (BACR), Mission Economic Development Association (MEDA), and Mission Language and Vocational School (MLVS), Casa de Apoyo offers support with resume preparation and applying for employment. The majority of clients meet 15- 20% AMI for housing.

Casa De Apoyo Services

● Education Navigation
● Small Business Technical Assistance (CLECHA)
● Case management
● Employment Assistance
● Economic Relief
● Food Assistance
● Bike Lending Program (Excelsior Bike Club)


The "Revolution, Liberation, Return" shirt was made not only as a statement of our view on the occupation of Palestine, but also as a fundraising effort. All proceeds from this design are going directly to families in Palestine through a partnership with Lamea, the Palestinian owner of Temo's Coffee on 24th st in SF. Funds are sent directly to families to use however they see fit to help their families.